Thoughts about Touch

“For it seems to me that my hands could better inform me about what’s happening on the Moon than your eyes or your telescopes” - Denis Diderot 1749

“of all the senses, the eye (is) the most superficial…. (and) touch the most profound and most philosophical.” - Denis Diderot 1751

“Malcom Quantrill has described the sensory aspects of the environment as the genius loci, or ‘sense of place’.”… E.V. “Walter defines place as a location of experience: ‘It evokes and organizes memories, images, sentiments, meanings, and the work of imagination. The feelings of a place are indeed the mental projections of individuals, but they come from a collective experience and they do no happen anywhere else.’” - Joy Monice Malnar and Frank Vodvarka

“Modernist design has housed the intellect and the eye, but it has left the body and the other senses, as well as our memories and dreams, homeless.” - Juhani Pallasmaa